How to Stretch your abs & Why it Matters

They are actively involved in walking, running, cycling, swimming, jumping, turning, pushing, pulling, bending, extending, reaching, throwing or lifting. In each of these activities, the abdominals go through a lengthening phase and then a shortening phase, all within three planes of motion.

Abdominal exercises are often performed on roller or rocker mechanisms, which have been aggressively promoted through the television and print media. However, justifications are lacking as to why these devices are superior to traditional abdominal exercises such as crunches. This study sought to describe and compare the range of motion (ROM)

Your core muscles include:

  • transverse abdominis
  • rectus abdominis
  • obliques
  • hip flexors
  • pelvic floor
  • diaphragm
  • low back

These all work together to help stabilize your spine, prevent back pain, and keep you moving safely.

Do it with Bananas

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The One Hack Everyone’s Doing With Bananas

This simple trick will change how you eat bananas forever.BYSARAH CROWMARCH 18, 2021


It’s no surprise that bananas are a staple in countless households around the world. They’re inexpensive, they’re tasty, and they’re good in practically everything, from smoothies to sundaes. In fact, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), bananas are the most popular fresh fruit in the U.S., with the average American consuming 13.9 pounds of bananas each year.

Social Distancing| Lbs & Measures

There are really only two ways I’m coming out of this pandemic: super-ripped or in dire need of a diet. coronavirus lockdown restrictions come and go and come back again, leaving many gyms closed across the country. Whether or not your gym or fitness studio is closed, the bottom line is that working out at home is still safer while the pandemic rages on. 

Switching to a home workout routine isn’t easy if you’re used to going to a class for your HIIT or yoga workout — it takes some space and a lot of intrinsic motivation to stick to a home workout plan. But establishing a home workout routine is a smart move because beyond boosting your physical health, it can help ease anxiety related to coping with the pandemic.