Life’s Monuments 2019

Approaching one of Life’s Monuments is exciting. Some meet the journey with anxiety, disdain, apprehension, and negativity.

Others choose an ambitious approach imbuing excitement, celebration, and inclusiveness; even to those who would rather not be along for the ride.

The latter say, “This is fun,” much to the dismay of everyone else on the journey.

When someone isn’t there or has passed away they just are not there. It is a shame for all of the fun filled travellers to find that in their careless festivities they failed to care for one of their helpful friends or family members.

The loss and void that is left by the death of someone they turned to for an occasional important need is unable to be filled.

A loss such as this will turn a fun ambitious traveller into an anxious journeyman.

As the new Year approaches be thankful for yourself, friends & family.

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