Alternative Beauty

Beauty treatments have always been a fun and rewarding activity for an off day or day off.

Women enjoy pampering their skin nails & hair. Products like facial masks, moisturizing treatments and scrubs are often used during the rare “home spa day.”

Bright colors, sweet and interesting scents accompany many products. Floral, fruit, and herbal smells are usually most common…

Many women stay true to product lines that their mothers used such as Avon & Mary Kay; while the younger generations like to try more trendy lines.

Plastic Surgeons and Medi Day Spas offer more invasive beauty treatments and prescription strength facial,and skincare lines.

Popular beauty products and treatments are fun to share with your friends and family. Looking good and feeling good can be the same thing!

Holiday Catering

Holidays can be a stressful and stress inducing! Stress can cause weight gain and social problems. Alleviating and delegating jobs and tasks are a great way to combat stress & holiday pounds.


Catering a holiday feels nice for the guests and hostess because no one feels overwhelmed by the cooking responsibilities.

Don’t Forget…

The wine. You never want to be in a situation during a holiday affair without wine. This year people will be toasting to incestual celestial relations with their glow sticks and light sabers.